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Author Spotlight: Marvin H. McIntyre

One of the cool things about being an author is getting to know readers and authors from all over the world. One of the cool things about being an author/blogger is the opportunity to showcase some of those great authors for Gazalapalooza readers. The following is the first in what will be an ongoing series of Gazalapalooza Author Spotlights. I’ve chosen a fairly open-ended interview format permitting our authors to riff freely in their replies, so readers can get to know something about the authors and their books that might not shine as brightly in other interviews.

"Insiders" is Marvin McIntyre’s first novel. It’s not only a gripping and suspenseful thriller, it’s very timely. Set against the backdrop of the recent economic crises that quaked (and continue to quake) the globe, veteran financial advisor Mac McGregor is secretly enlisted by the White House to track down McGregor’s former colleague, the arrogant, greedy and brilliantly elusive hedge fund manager Jeremy Lyons, as the first step in a plan to clean up Wall Street. McGregor’s dangerous hunt has him tracing Lyons everywhere from the exclusive enclaves of the privileged few through seedy hovels along a trail strewn with subterfuge, espionage and death. When Lyons’ trail finally gets warm and McGregor starts to close in on his target, the hunter becomes the hunted and the stakes grow more fatal by the minute.

McIntyre’s "official" biographical sketch is this: "Marvin H. McIntyre is a nationally acclaimed financial advisor with over 40 years of experience. In addition to managing wealth for families and advising corporate clients on a broad spectrum of financial issues, Mr. McIntyre has been a featured speaker on radio and television covering investments and the markets. His financial acumen has earned him the nickname Financial Wizard because of his candor, his insights and his humor. This is his first novel and was inspired by the events that rocked the world financial markets in 2008 -2009. Mr. McIntyre will donate a minimum of 50% of the net proceeds from the sale of this novel to charity. He is a native of Washington D.C., a graduate of The Citadel, and a Viet Nam veteran."

Impressive. As for me, I just consider myself privileged that Marvin has been my friend for the past ten years. Marvin has my thanks for his gracious participation in this inaugural Author Spotlight. And so without further ado, let’s get this spotlight fired up and trained squarely on Mr. McIntyre.

Gazala:            In my omnipotence, I've sentenced you to be stranded alone on a desert island for offenses best left unnamed. In my beneficence, I've decided to allow you a limited amount of reading material to make your stay a little less bleak than it would otherwise be. I'll spot you your religious text of preference, and the collected works of William Shakespeare. In addition to those, name the one fiction book, and one nonfiction book, you'd choose to take with you, and why you choose them.

McIntyre:        First, I would make a compelling case why you should expand upon your beneficence. On the off chance that failed, I would choose "Lords of Discipline," by Pat Conroy. As a Citadel graduate I could revisit my history and realize that being on this island is not that tough a duty after all. Nonfiction is tougher for me because I am addicted to fiction. However, I would reread "No Ordinary Time," by Doris Kearns Goodwin.  It deals with FDR and my grandfather was in his administration.

Gazala:            Your debut novel is an excellent and timely thriller titled "Insider." I've read it. I enjoyed it immensely, and recommend it highly. Shockingly enough, however, from time to time my bare recommendation doesn't always motivate a book's potential reader to become a book's actual reader. Tell us something about "Insider," and why its potential reader should make the leap and become its actual reader.

McIntyre:        I appreciate your endorsement and I too am baffled that an endorsement from someone of your literary gifts is not sufficient to have it soar to the top of the New York Times’ Bestseller List.  A recent review of "Insiders" in Barron's correctly surmised that there were some systemic faults in our economic structure that I believe have yet to be fixed, and in fact "Insiders" offers some solutions. Fortunately, Barron’s felt that those solutions are wrapped around a quick, highly entertaining read. So far, I have been humbled by the reviews.

Gazala:            What are books for?

McIntyre:        I believe that books are one of God's greatest gifts. I am donating the proceeds of "Insiders" to literacy charities because reading is such a blessing. I recently lectured at three different classes at the Citadel and I championed books as, "the mind's great enhancers, developing communication skills and overall understanding."

Gazala:            W. Somerset Maugham said, "There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are." Do you agree, or disagree, and why?

McIntyre:        I do not have the status to disagree. Yet, one of the thrills of writing my first novel was the rewrites and looking back and seeing how much improvement came from the continuing analysis. It is such an individual endeavor—some write outlines, some profess to have the words write themselves.

Gazala:            I have to take this call. Ask yourself a question, and answer it.

McIntyre:        Question: You have enjoyed a nationally acclaimed reputation as a financial advisor. Why did you write a book, and why did you wait until you had been in the business for 40 years before you wrote it? Answer: I have always wanted to write but I did not have a plot.  Well, if you could not find a plot in 2008, you were not paying attention.  

You can find "Insiders" all over the place, including at Amazon by clicking on this link:

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